Kylin will generate intermediate files in HDFS during the cube building; Besides, when purge/drop/merge cubes, some HBase tables may be left in HBase and will no longer be queried; Although Kylin has started to do some
automated garbage collection, it might not cover all cases; You can do an offline storage cleanup periodically:

1. Check which resources can be cleanup, this will not remove anything:

export KYLIN_HOME=/path/to/kylin_home
${KYLIN_HOME}/bin/ org.apache.kylin.tool.StorageCleanupJob --delete false

Here please replace (version) with the specific Kylin jar version in your installation;
2. You can pickup 1 or 2 resources to check whether they’re no longer be referred; Then add the “–delete true” option to start the cleanup:

${KYLIN_HOME}/bin/ org.apache.kylin.tool.StorageCleanupJob --delete true

On finish, the intermediate HDFS location and HTables should be dropped;