Apache Kylin is always looking for contributions of not only code, but also usage document, performance report, Q&A etc. All kinds of contributions pave the way towards a Kylin Committer. There is opportunity for everyone, especially for those come from analysis and solution background, due to the lacking of content from user and solution perspective.

Here is the development document for Apache kylin 3.x and earlier version. Check the development documents of other versions:
* v4.x development documents

How to Contribute

Check out the How to Contribute document.

Source Repository

Apache Kylin™ source code is version controlled using Git version control:
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Source Repo: https://github.com/apache/kylin
Mirrored to Gitbox: https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf?p=kylin.git

CI and Code Analysis

Apache Kylin uses GitHub Actions to run the unit tests on Linux x86_64, and TravisCI to test on Linux ARM64 and x86_64 architectures with JDK 1.8.

Static Code Analysis: SonarCube dashboard. Currently disabled!

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Issue Tracking

Track issues on the “Kylin” Project on the Apache JIRA (browse).


  • Hadoop 3.0 support (Erasure Coding) : DONE (v2.5)
  • Fully on Spark Cube engine : DONE (v2.5)
  • Real-time analytics with Lambda Architecture : DONE (v3.0)
  • Connect more data sources (MySQL, SparkSQL, etc) : DONE (v2.6)
  • Flink engine : Done (v3.1)
  • Cloud-native storage (Parquet) : In-progress (v4.0)
  • Distributed query execution engine (Spark) : In-progress, together with Parquet storage (v4.0)
  • Containerization/Kubernetes support : Done (v3.1)
  • Pushdown SDK with more engines (Presto, Clickhouse, etc) : In progress (Presto support in v3.1)
  • Ad-hoc queries without Cubing